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Dry Creek Vineyard - Chardonnay - 2007

Winery: Dry Creek Vineyard
Brand Name:
Type: White
Varietal: Chardonnay
Appellation: Russian River Valley-California
Country: United States
Vineyard/Special Designation:
Vintage: 2007
Suggested Retail Price: $9,99
Retailer/Place Purchased:
Shared By: Lewis Perdue
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Shared On: 2012-09-30
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Opinion: I'd warn friends about this.
Other Comments: Way, way over the hill. This 375ml of 2007 Dry Creek, purchased at World Market two days ago, is the worst Chardonnay I have tasted in a decade. Something this old and eno-incontinent should come in a Depends adult diaper not a bottle. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE A new bottle (rated here: was sent to me as a replacement for this GAWD-AWFULwine. Bill Smart at Dry Creek wrote to me to say: " Unfortunately, we had a winemaking issue with our half bottles of 2007 Chardonnay. We recognized the issue and had the entire inventory destroyed. Again, unfortunately, some of that wine did trickle into the marketplace before we caught the problem. We communicated with our distributor network who pulled the wine from shelves and from their inventories. In this case, it appears a bottle did slip through the cracks." Bill sent this in replacement and it more than lived up to expectations. I have always liked Dry Creek Vineyards' wines. That errant bottle shook my faith. Bill's email and this replacement restored that faith.